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A natural cosmetic should be primarily made with ingredients that are poorly designed and should contain large amounts of different plant extracts , herbs , flowers , roots . Can not contain complex substances or synthetic preservatives and less and synthetic emulsifiers . Natural cosmetics, where the ingredients throb of life and the products still smell of herbs and flowers, cosmetics , where texture and color can vary from one batch to another , just as nature changes constantly in its various expressions.
The lunar constellations determine the shelf life of the product and the success of the emulsion cream , the smell of essential oils will change depending on the year. One day is not equal to another, as a sunset or the risotto of their mother still , but unique and unrepeatable . This variability is unrelated to the chemical ingredients and the bottom is the guarantee of authenticity of the natural product .
The natural cosmetics was born in the camps, has its roots in the roots of burdock and Consolidate and heart throbbing of Lavender in pillows . It is not elaborate, but simple as olive oil we eat , such as beeswax we know , such as blue chamomile essential oil , such as wheat germ that has always fed us . Skin care continues beyond the skin , reaches the emotions . Then you hear the water with a little ' foam falls off your body as always , disappears down the drain and becomes the water of your river, sea . That your water, that your life and your skin thanks you , why is she still has not been polluted by strong attendance and unknown . The beauty of your skin coincides with the beauty of water, earth, air you breathe !
( from the magazine published by Humus ReMedia NEWS No.8 Editions )

Types of natural and organic cosmetics .
This standard provides for two categories of cosmetics:
1) Natural Cosmetics in which the ingredients are "natural "and / or " natural "
Natural Cosmetics .
Composed of ingredients for " natural " and " natural ingredients " is allowed a maximum of 5% of ingredients of synthetic origin, that exemption only applies to chemicals included in the list of permitted additives . In the finished product ingredients must be natural or natural origin for 95 %. percentage is calculated by excluding water . These percentages are by weight. In this case the product can be labeled as : NATURAL COSMETICS subject to the exemption on a maximum 5% synthetic products allowed.
2) Natural and Organic Cosmetics in these ingredients may be "source natural and agricultural ingredients or spontaneous gathering ( certified according to EEC Regulation 2092/91) must be certified by Agriculture biological .

Adapted from Bioagricert

ALL Helan cosmetics are never tested on animals directly or indirectly through third parties or institutions contain animal ingredients .
Helan is among the first Italian companies approved by the LAV that have signed the Standard on the untested .
Helan choosing products you can buy cosmetics with the certainty of not contributing to animal testing.

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