Natural Cosmetics

Natural Cosmetics
The term natural cosmetics in the interest of the legitimate expectations of the consumer so objectively correct and retraced . It will also seek to facilitate an honest competition between the manufacturers and sellers of natural cosmetics . The directive should make transparent the term natural cosmetics . So take into account the legitimate expectations of consumers of safe and environmentally friendly.
The directive provides standards for natural cosmetic products that relate to the extraction resp. the production of raw materials as well as their processing . During the extraction of raw materials is spared that nature is disturbed as little as possible and preserved , especially considering the interests of the protection of animals and species. Interventions in the inheritance of transgenic animals and plants are rejected.
The transformation of raw materials in cosmetic preparations must be done gently and with a few chemical processes. The packages must be economical and environmentally friendly . The preference of natural raw materials largely results from their ecologically superior products , especially if they come from controlled organic cultivation or other treatment responsible with natural resources. In addition, the natural substances are mainly raw materials that have a common evolution path with the human race , so that there is predominantly a minimum potential toxic risk .
The demand for social relations and processes transparent productions are met by natural products. Most come from the plant kingdom with some additions of mineral and animal origin . On top of that you add a severely limited choice of technical products to which , nowadays, because of the expectations of consumers, you can not give up completely , as they can not be met with pure natural products .
1 . Natural raw materials The use of natural raw materials possible from : - Controlled biological cultivation ( cbc ) , considering the quality and availability - Controlled biological wild collection
2 . animal protection Animal experiments and finished products As it during production during the development and control of the final products are made or ordered experiments with animals. Experiments on animals and raw materials Raw materials that did not exist on the market before 01.01.1998 may be used only if they were not subjected to animal experiments. Are not taken into account animal experiments that have been made ​​by third parties which have acted or on behalf of or at the initiative of the client, or have contractual or corporate relationships with it.
Animal raw materials The use of raw materials of vertebrates (eg spermaceti , oil, turtle oil lutreola , the marmot fat , animal fat, animal collagens and cells ) is prohibited .
3 . Mineral raw materials The use of inorganic salts (eg magnesium sulphate) and mineral raw materials ( eg sodium chloride) is basically allowed . See no exceptions . 5 .
4 . Raw materials of limited use For the production of natural cosmetics can be used elements that are obtained by hydrolysis , hydrogenation , esterification , transesterification or other divisions and condensation of the following natural materials : - Fats , oils and waxes - lecithins - lanolin - Mono-, oligo - and polysaccharides - Proteins and lipoproteins The actual use of raw materials is controlled by the current positive list for the creation and production of " natural cosmetics " .
5 . Deliberate decision to: - Organic dyes and synthetic - Synthetic fragrances - Raw materials etossilizzate - silicone - Paraffin and other petroleum The criterion for admission to olfactory substances is regulated mainly by ISO 9235 .
6 . preservation For the microbiological safety of products are allowed , except for systems of conservation natural , only natural preservatives specific : - Benzoic acid, ethyl ester derivatives and salts - Salicylic acid and its salts - Sorbic acid and its salts - Benzyl alcohol If recourse to one of these preservatives and need to add : "preserved with ... [name of preservative ] ."
7 . No radioactive irradiation The disinfection of organic raw materials and of finished cosmetic products using radioactive irradiation is not allowed.
8 . check Supervision of the above criteria is ensured by an independent testing . The fulfillment of the criteria is documented by the test mark their association .
Other objectives :
Requirements for raw materials - Transparency during production with clear procedures and - Resulting information to the consumer
Commitments active against transmanipolazione Given that , the transmanipolazione in agriculture is controversial and not ecologically sustainable , it supports organic farming and an active engagement against transmanipolazione .
ecological compatibility - Only natural raw materials, if possible certified organic according to EU . - Machining processes nonpolluting - Excellent biodegradability of raw materials and final products - Packaging cost , compatible with the ecology and recyclable - Maintaining the natural life
social compatibility - Raw materials purchased from fair trade and projects in the third world - Use and disposal - A set collegiate


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