Herbal Tobacco and Cigarettes

Tobacco and Herbal Cigarettes Without Nicotine
The blends are all without Nicotine and Tobacco, an alternative to Classic Cigarettes with traditional natural herbs, such as clover, dandelion, elderberry and other herbs used by the ancient American Indians.
Among the uses, they can be used as herbs to perfume the environment and Aromatic Fumigations in Ayurveda. A Natural Alternative. All products are intended for research and development, technical use or collectibles only.
New Blends of Herbs Without Tobacco and Nicotine, The Golden Eagle Line is of our production, after a careful choice we have created these blends with an exclusive and unique taste.
In the variants Damiana, Hemp Lipko, Kompolti Hemp, Carmagnola Hemp, Futura 75 Hemp, Finola Hemp, Poppy, Passiflora, Mint and Ligh for the most delicate palates. In addition, Golden Eagle cigarettes. While the Nirdosh are born from the Indian tradition that are based on the charak samhita, an ancient Ayurveda text, made entirely by hand.
All the Alternative Tobacco Blends still produce substances due to combustion, even if they do not have preservatives, humectants, conservative treatments, being for the most part organic herbs or from biodynamic harvesting. Read All the Ingredients they contain before choosing.
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